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INTRODUCTORY  ESSAY.                                153
Trichodesma Indicum, Lippia nodiflora, Solamm Jacquini,
JErua lanata, Achyranthes aspera. A smaller number, but still
considerable, are tropical African, which are also widely diffused
over India. Among these are many Convolvulacea, as Batatas
pcntaphytta, Pharbitis Nil, Ipomcea muricata and reptans, and
many of the commonest Indian weeds, such as Peristrophe
bicaliculata and. several species of Corchorus and Triumfetta.
A considerable proportion (perhaps one-sixth of the whole)
consists of common Egyptian plants, which are too intolerant
of moisture to withstand the climate of the more humid parts
of India, but which extend along the Arabian and Persian
coasts to Sindh, and thence to the Panjab and the drier parts
of the Gangetic plain, and some even to the Dekhan and
Mysore. Such are Peganum Harmala, Cocculus Leaba, Cap-
paris aphylla, Fagonia Arabica, Alfiagi Maurorwn, Acacia
Arabica, Prosopis spicigera, Zizyphus Lotus, and Calotropis
procera, all-of which extend to the drier parts of the peninsula;
and Malcolmia Ajricana, Corchorus depressus, Cucumis Colo-
cynthiSy Berthelotia lanceolata, Heliotropium undulatum, -Sal-
via dEgyptiaca, Lyciym Europaum, Cometes Surattensis,. seve-
ral Chenppodiacea, and Crypsis schcerioides, which are confined
to northern India. With these there occur also a few cen-
tral European plants, though far fewer than in the northern
Panjab, as for example 'Ranunculus sceleratus, Convolvulus ar-
vensisy Heliotropium Europ&um, Rumeos obtusifolius, Asphodelus
fistulo&us, and Potamogeton pectinatus and natans.
Sindh also contains a considerable number of species which
have not been met with elsewhere in India, but which are
Arabian or Nubian plants. Such are Zygophyllum album and
simplex, Balsamodendron, Neurada 2>rocumben$, Aizoon Cana-
riense, Seddera latifolia, Trichodesma Africanum, Acanthodiwm,
hirtum, and several Barleria. A few Persian an& Mesopota-
mian plants not yet known further west, such as Popujus Eu-
phratica -and Gaillonia; occur also in the list, Puneeria co-
agidans, Stocks, is confined to Sindh, and the neighbouring
province of Bchichistan. Eastern species which fuul their